بانک مقالات تخصصی ریاضی

بانک مقالات تخصصی ریاضی
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هر مقاله


۱۰۰۰ تومان


شما می توانید مقاله مورد نیاز خود را یا براساس سال چاپ و یا براساس نام ژورنال موردنظر یافته و با پرداخت ۱۰۰۰ تومان آن را از طریق ایمیل دریافت نمایید.


اگر مقاله درخواستی تان در بانک ما موجود نبود لطفا نام دقیق مقاله را به ایمیل زیر ارسال نموده و آن را در سریعترین زمان دریافت کنید:






روش خرید مقاله:

1- اگر مقاله درخواستی شما در بانک اطلاعاتی ما موجود بود بعد از پرداخت هزینه، کد مقاله را به همراه آدرس ایمیل خودتان به شماره 09146457597 پیامک کنید یا به آدرس الکترونیکی بالا ایمیل بزنید.

2- اگر مقاله درخواستی شما در بانک اطلاعاتی ما موجود نبود لطفا نام دقیق مقاله را به شماره تلفن ذکر شده یا ایمیل فوق ارسال نمایید.

3- شما می توانید هر چند تعداد مقاله که خواستید درخواست نمایید. و می توانید هزینه مقالات را یکجا پرداخت کنید.

4- هزینه خرید مقالات را به شماره کارت زیر به نام اعتماد واریز نمایید:

شماره کارت: 6037691150484681


توجه: آدرس ایمیلتان را فراموش نکنید.


نوشته شده در تاريخ شنبه چهارم آبان 1392 توسط اعتماد

Code: 201323

A Compound Poisson Model for Learning Discrete Bayesian Networks

Abdelaziz Ghribi, Afif Masmoudi



We introduce here the concept of Bayesian networks, in compound Poisson model, which provides a graphical modeling framework that encodes the joint probability distribution for a set of random variables within a directed acyclic graph. We suggest an approach proposal which offers a new mixed implicit estimator. We show that the implicit approach applied in compound Poisson model is very attractive for its ability to understand data and does not require any prior information. A comparative study between learned estimates given by implicit and by standard Bayesian approaches is established. Under some conditions and based on minimal squared error calculations, we show that the mixed implicit estimator is better than the standard Bayesian and the maximum likelihood estimators. We illustrate our approach by considering a simulation study in the context of mobile communication networks


برچسب‌ها: Bayesian network, compound Poisson distribution, multinomial distribution, implicit approach, mobile communication networks
نوشته شده در تاريخ شنبه چهارم آبان 1392 توسط اعتماد

Code: 201322

Monotonicity and Inequalities for the Generalized Distortion Function

Xiaoyan Ma, Yuming Chu, Fei Wang



The authors prove some monotonicity properties of functions involving the generalized Agard distortion function ηK (a, t), and obtain some inequalities for ηK (a, t) and relative distortion functions



برچسب‌ها: generalized modular equation, generalized η, distortion function, monotonicity, inequality
نوشته شده در تاريخ شنبه چهارم آبان 1392 توسط اعتماد

Code: 201321

Some Convolution and Inclusion Properties for Subclasses of Meromorphic p-Valent Functions Involving Integral Operator

R. M. El-Ashawah



Making use of the linear operator View the MathML source<img height="39" border="0" style="vertical-align:bottom" width="291" alt="View the MathML source" title="View the MathML source" src="http://origin-ars.els-cdn.com/content/image/1-s2.0-S0252960213601204-si1.gif"> where l>0,λ>0,p∈ℕ,m∈ℕ0=ℕ∪{0},zU* and f(z)∈Σp, we introduce two subclasses of meromorphic p-valent analytic functions and investigate convolution and inclusion properties for these classes



برچسب‌ها: analytic functions, meromorphic functions, multiplier transformations
نوشته شده در تاريخ شنبه چهارم آبان 1392 توسط اعتماد

Code: 201320

Renewal Theorem for (L, 1)-Random Walk in Random Environment

Wenming Hong, Hongyan Sun



We consider a random walk on ℤ in random environment with possible jumps {−L, …, −1, 1}, in the case that the environment {ωi : i ∈ ℤ} are i.i.d.. We establish the renewal theorem for the Markov chain of “the environment viewed from the particle” in both annealed probability and quenched probability, which generalize partially the results of Kesten (1977) and Lalley (1986) for the nearest random walk in random environment on ℤ, respectively. Our method is based on the intrinsic branching structure within the (L, 1)-RWRE formulated in Hong and Wang



برچسب‌ها: random walk in random environment, renewal theorem, multitype branching process in random environment, coupling
نوشته شده در تاريخ شنبه چهارم آبان 1392 توسط اعتماد

Code: 201319

Regularity of Solutions to Nonlinear Time Fractional Differential Equation

Mirjana Stojanovic



We find an upper viscosity solution and give a proof of the existence-uniqueness in the space View the MathML source<img height="31" border="0" style="vertical-align:bottom" width="408" alt="View the MathML source" title="View the MathML source" src="http://origin-ars.els-cdn.com/content/image/1-s2.0-S0252960213601186-si1.gif"> to the nonlinear time fractional equation of distributed order with spatial Laplace operator subject to the Cauchy conditions


where Δx is the spatial Laplace operator, View the MathML source<img height="22" border="0" style="vertical-align:bottom" width="24" alt="View the MathML source" title="View the MathML source" src="http://origin-ars.els-cdn.com/content/image/1-s2.0-S0252960213601186-si3.gif"> is the operator of fractional differentiation in the Caputo sense and the force term F satisfies the Assumption 1 on the regularity and growth. For the weight function we take a positive-linear combination of delta distributions concentrated at points of interval View the MathML source<img height="27" border="0" style="vertical-align:bottom" width="502" alt="View the MathML source" title="View the MathML source" src="http://origin-ars.els-cdn.com/content/image/1-s2.0-S0252960213601186-si4.gif"> The regularity of the solution is established in the framework of the space C(t∈(0,∞);C(Rn))∩Co(t∈[0,∞);C(Rn)) when the initial data belong to the Sobolev space


برچسب‌ها: nonlinear time fractional equations of distributed, existence, uniqueness theorems, viscosity solutions, regularity result
نوشته شده در تاريخ شنبه چهارم آبان 1392 توسط اعتماد

Code: 201318

Some Geometric Properties of a New Difference Sequence Space Involving Lacunary Sequences

Murat Karakash, Mikail Et, Vatan Karakaya



In this paper, we define a new generalized difference sequence space involving lacunary sequence. Then, we examine k-NUC property and property (β) for this space and also show that it is not rotund where p = (pr) is a bounded sequence of positive real numbers with pr ≥ 1 for all r ∈ ℕ.


برچسب‌ها: difference sequence space, lacunary sequence, rotundity, Luxemburg norm
نوشته شده در تاريخ شنبه چهارم آبان 1392 توسط اعتماد

Code: 201317

Self-Dual Permutation Codes Over Formal Power Series Rings and Finite Principal Ideal Rings  

Guanghui Zhang, Hongwei Liu



In this paper, we study self-dual permutation codes over formal power series rings and finite principal ideal rings. We first give some results on the torsion codes associated with the linear codes over formal power series rings. These results allow for obtaining some conditions for non-existence of self-dual permutation codes over formal power series rings. Finally, we describe self-dual permutation codes over finite principal ideal rings by examining permutation codes over their component chain rings


برچسب‌ها: self, dual code, group code, permutation code, formal power series ring
نوشته شده در تاريخ شنبه چهارم آبان 1392 توسط اعتماد

Code: 201316

Properties of the Convolution with Prestarlike Functions 

Jacek Dziok



In the paper we investigate convolution properties related to the prestarlike functions and various inclusion relationships between defined classes of functions. Interesting applications involving the well-known classes of functions defined by linear operators are also considered


برچسب‌ها: analytic functions, prestarlike functions, starlike functions, linear operator, convolution
نوشته شده در تاريخ شنبه چهارم آبان 1392 توسط اعتماد

Code: 201315

Szegö Type Factorization Theorem for Noncommutative Hardy-Lorentz Spaces 

Jingjing Shao, Yazhou Han



We introduce noncommutative Hardy-Lorentz spaces and give the Szegö and inner-outer type factorizations of these spaces


برچسب‌ها: subdiagonal algebras, noncommutative Hardy Lorentz spaces, Szegö factorization, outer operators
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